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Why Career Counselling is important?

No human being is capable of doing everything. However, there is always some activity, skill or domain that a person can excel at. Your task is to find that one area. However, this is easier said than done. Only a rigorous analysis of your aptitude, personality, interests, abilities, strengths and weaknesses etc. can help bring out where your true potential lies. Oftentimes it so happens that a person is not fully aware of all the options that are available
and relevant to them.

The usual support system of a person – parents, family, friends – who normally guide on different matters, also come up short when it comes to career counselling because even, they are not aware of all the latest industry trends and career option. There are over 12,000 different kinds of jobs out there and new ones are being created every year – it is difficult for any single person to keep up.

And therefore, professional guidance can be of immense help here.

Professional counsellors can provide aptitude tests, personality tests, analyze your strengths and weaknesses and come up with a comprehensive list of career options that fit you best. They can chart out career trajectories and inform you what are the things you need to do to start and excel in a career of your choice.

The web is full of tests that gives you results, but its hard to connect to the results and Indian market availability.

What is the outcome of Career Counselling? Is it to just know results of test reports or is there more to it? The counseling program at Rareminds takes you through from knowing yourself to doing what is needed and finally landing the job.

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2 April, 2021