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Career Counselling for Professionals

Why Career Counselling?

A person’s career is the most essential component of their life. According to statistics, we spend more than 55 percent of our lives at work, and the average person works for about 90,000 hours in his lifetime. So, making the appropriate career selection at the correct moment is critical. A successful career is coupled with a successful life.

According to survey, 48% of the working population are unhappy with their current career. And, as per a survey conducted by Times of India, over 60% employees say they hate their current jobs. This is because of a lack of proper guidance resources.

Importance of Career Counselling

Career counsellors are experts and will suggest the best career option after evaluating your aptitude, personality, Interests, and other aspects.

Career counselling provides access to resources and knowledge that are not readily available. The understanding of careers, their scope, and the path to pursue them are very important.

Career counselling helps in understanding the hurdles in the path and how to overcome them. This process helps in building confidence.

Career counselling helps in maintaining calm when it comes to making life-changing career decisions. It helps in focusing through proper scheduling and planning.

What we offer

Personalized Training

Today everything is tailored and curated based on preference, just as the people do it on social media by filtering posts and making them more relevant. In the same, we provide a highly personalized and tailored training program to meet the personal requirements and addressing his/her needs. Our training offers individuals with various tools and methods, opposing the traditional techniques. It not only optimizes learning but gives a unique experience.

Learn from Career Counselling expert

We provide leading experts in the career counselling who have years of experience counselling. They are skilled educators who use scientific and experiential psychological assessment tools. We provide downloadable notes and personalized assignment feedback from the experts. We also offer the opportunity to interact with the tutor throughout the course.

Career Counselling Program

Psychometric Assessments (Aptitude, Personality, Interest, IQ)
Career Path Guidance and Decision Making
Personal Social – Adaptation program
Job Attitude Training & Job Seeking Skills Training
Post-Employment Training
Worksheets for activity

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What we do

About the Instructor

The trainers in the program come with vast corporate experience. The trainers come in from different sectors of the industry and bring in their rich experience to share with us.